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Wiktoria Kabza

Position: MSc Student

Biographical note

Wiktoria Kabza is a second year MSc Molecular Biotechnology student at the University of Warsaw. She graduated with a BSc in Biotechnology from the same University. Her master thesis is a continuation of a bachelor project and considers the mitochondrial retrograde signaling and epigenetic gene expression changes. Molecular biology and genetics are the main science areas which fascinate her the most. Precise patterns of gene expression are indispensable for developing a complex multicellular organism and understanding this process is important not only to satisfy our curiosity about the world, but also to push the boundaries of medical knowledge and improve our quality of life. The 21st century has allowed us to improve the research equipment in such a way that we can generate hundreds of billions of results in a very short time. During the course, she learnt how the science of bioinformatics is important for analysis and interpretation of this huge amount of biological data. We are able to use algorithms and informatics to understand the composition of biological systems in healthy and diseased states. She is truly amazed that such knowledge would enable a better understanding of the mechanisms leading to pathological conditions and could improve the treatment of genetic diseases and aid the development of personalized medicine. Therefore, she decided to undertake an extracurricular project which considers the remodeling of human genome architecture in response to replication stress in the Laboratory of Functional and Structural Genomics.